1619 Music Company

In business to take issue with that historically cleverly cloaked, insidious creeping malevolence which has led so many newer listeners astray; to perpetuate the standards set by our illustrious predecessors and pave the way for our successors, thereby... "standing for something rather than falling for anything".

Eric Kamau Grávátt

photo credit: olaf koelstrom

Eric Kamau Grávátt


er' ik (sounds like "air rick")
[Scandanavian; Old Norse "Eirikr" <Germanic*"aizo",honor(akin to Germanic "ehre",honor)+base akin to Latin "Rex"(see Rich) hence literally "Honorable Ruler"]

KA(boom) MAU(rhymes w/POW)
[Gikuyu, "Quiet Warrior"]

GRA (mmarian) VATT (rhymes w/yacht)
Old English topographical name for resident near a small grove ("Graf"= < Old English "graf" + diminutive suffix "et"= "little grove" or "copse")


Much acknowledgement and respect I have for my principal teachers; "Sharpnack Street Ray", Mr. George Elias Lockhardt II, The late Dr. J. R. Mitchell, Mr. Silas Kinsey, the late Ms. Edith Willard, the late Mr. Adnan Barakat, Lloyd Courtney and Mr. Warren McLendon.


Playing Experience:

Since my Philadelphia Pennsylvania youth, I have often had the pleasure of playing drums on stage in either an ensemble or orchestral setting before literally thousands of people, performing music with Stanley Clarke, Michael Brecker, Wayne Shorter, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner, Wallace Roney, Gary Bartz, Ravi Coltrane, Weather Report, John Scofield, Albert Ayler, Don Ayler, Yuri Kageyama, Roberta Flack, Sonny Fortune, Bill Frisell, Woddy Shaw, Derrick Trucks, Roy Hargrove, Bobby Hutcherson, Jackie McLean, Charles Mingus, Donald Byrd, Carlos 'Patato' Valdez, Ladjii Cammara, Booker Irvin, Pharoah Saunders, James Moody, Kenny Dorham, Blue Mitchell, Hank Mobley, Harold Wheeler, Tony Hymas, Donny Hathaway, Paquito D'Rivera, Hino Terumasa, Andrew N. White III, The Milwaukee Symphony, Jimmy Heath, Sam Rivers, Khalid Yasin, George Mraz, Savion Glover, Kikuchi Masabumi Ishmael Reed, Yuri Kageyama, Isaku Kageyama, Kenny Endo and a host of other headline performers.

Teaching Experience:

  • 1965; Tutored the Percussion section of the Philadelphia All City Elementary School Student’s Symphony Orchestra
  • 1967-1969; Directed full time music program for The New Thing Art & Architecture Center, Washington, D.C.
  • 1967 - 1969; Co-Instructor for the African Heritage Dancers & Drummers, Washington, D.C.
  • 1980 - Present; Private consultation and Instruction to five clients.
  • 1980 - April 19th, 2001; (Middle Management) Helped the State of Minnesota “teach” convicted felons how to productively structure their time.


To date, I’ve lectured at The Georgetown Day School, Washington, D.C; Howard University, Washington D.C; Swarthmore College, Swarthmore Pennsylvania; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont; Baruch City College, New York City, New York; Livingston College, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio; The Children’s Theater Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota and the A.N. School of Contemporary Music, Tokyo & Los Angeles.


Examples of my work may be heard (wholly or in part, electronically altered *) upon any of the following vinyl and/or Compact Disc releases:

Eddie Henderson / Inside Out / Capricorn Records
Weather Report / Sweetnighter*/ Columbia Records KC32210
Julian Priester / Love, Love / ECM Records 1044
Takehiro Honda / Salaam, Salaam / East Wind Records EW 7005
Masabumi Kikuchi / East Wind / EW 7001
Terry Plumeri / He Who Lives In Many Places / Airborne Records 0698
Lloyd McNeill / Asha / Asha Recording Company (Asha 1)
Lloyd McNeill / Asha Three / Asha Recording Company (Asha 3)
Natural Life / Unnamed Land / Celebration Recording Company CB 5005
Andrew N. White III / Andrew White Live In The Studio; The Monumental Date Of July 2nd, 1973 / Andrew’s Music Co. Records (Andrew’s 3)
Weather Report / I Sing The Body Electric* / Columbia KC31352 / CK46107
McCoy Tyner / Focal Point / Milestone Records M9072 / OJCCD-1009-2
Byard Lancaster / It’s Not Up To Us / Atlantic-Vortex 2003
Andrew White / Live At The New Thing / (Andrew’s 2)
McCoy Tyner / Inner Voices / Milestone Records M9079
Terumasa Hino / Love Nature / Canyon : Love Records J1006
Joe Henderson / Canyon Lady / Fantasy Prestige Records
Weather Report / Live In Tokyo* / CBS Sony SOPJ 1213XR / SRCS 9139-40
Tony Hymas / Hope Street MN / nato Records 2002 - 777 771

Film, Proscenium , Consulting & Audio Experience:

  • Feature part in (then N.E.T. now P.B.S.) “Special” documentary film broadcast nationwide in March 1968 (viz., “Color Us Black”) ; McCutchen & Potter, producers.
  • Member: The Howard University Players (1968- 1969)
  • “Blind Singing Beggar” in “Tabernacle”, P.C. Harrison


  • District Of Columbia Police Department (“Officer Friendly”)
  • U.S. Department of Housing And Development (HUD)
  • 2002; American Composers Forum, Jerome Foundation Composer Commissioning Panelist

@ Present

Having retired in 2001 at the rank of Lieutenant after a twenty-year career with The Minnesota Department Of Corrections, I have resumed my earlier involvement with professional music, often performing on tour with McCoy Tyner and more recenty with a group under my direction, “Source Code”, several very fine players, as I continue my commitment to a recording facility and small on going publishing concern, "1619 Music Company".